Vertical Farming Food: Vertical Future uses technology to produce high-quality, ethical food in controlled environments....

Vertical Farming Food: Vertical Future uses technology to produce high-quality, ethical food in controlled environments. They also develop efficient and sustainable methods of food production and supply systems, with a long-term commitment to improving health and reducing CO2 emissions in cities. “Following several years of hard work, today’s raise validates our growth strategy and strong position in the London market, furthering our mission to improve the food and health of urban inhabitants, starting in London” said Jamie Burrows, Founder and CEO of Vertical Future.

One of the most devastating and direct ways in which the climate crisis impacts on society is on our food and farming system: water scarcity, drought and soil degredation are just a few of the problems that are being exacerbated by the planet’s rising temperatures. Meanwhile, our unsustainable food production system is also a major contributor to climate change, accounting for around a quarter of humanity’s greenhouse gas emissions.

But the demand for change from consumers, policymakers and businesses is growing, as shoppers seek greater transparency over where their food comes from, and more and more people cut down on their meat and dairy intake.

As a result, businesses are being forced to respond in increasingly innovative ways. In the first of three of ‘Glimpses’ videos produced for the world’s first Net Zero Festival last week, BusinessGreen takes a look at the challenges facing the food and farming system, and also visits Vertical Future, a company developing indoor farming technologies that could be set to play an increasingly integral role in the future net zero economy.

All of the panel debates, keynote speeches, and presentations from the world’s first Net Zero Festival – which took place over three days from 30 September featuring hundreds of top speakers from business, politics and academia – are now available to watch again on demand through the Net Zero Festival website.

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