Acting Chairman, Lord Nigel Crisp, writes another book entitled “Turning the World Upside Down Again – global health in a time of pandemics, climate change and political turmoil.”

The book's focus is on what the richer and more powerful countries of the world can learn about health from poorer and less powerful ones and on what countries can learn from their own poorer and more disadvantaged communities. Combining the learning from all countries and all communities can help us tackle the great health challenges of today.

The book also explores what global solidarity means in today’s splintering world and the importance of health workers becoming agents of change. It suggests a new more ecological definition of health at a time when we are beginning to understand better than ever before the links between the health of the individual, the health of their communities, the health of wider society, and the health of the planet.

Not surprisingly, there are many cross-overs with our belief in vertical farming and localised food models, which will differ considerably based on geography, diet, and economic status.

If you’re a reader, I highly recommend it – release is on Monday.

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