Advanced Growing Systems

Farming The Future

Our food technology and production facilities are both cutting-edge and radically different to all other commercial systems globally. They are not conceptual, they are proven, robust, commercially viable, and importantly, futureproof.

We focus on automating practically every element of the production process, providing an unseen amount of control in terms of lighting and nutrient delivery, integrating data systems, and asset longevity. This leads to massive improvements in EBITDA margins.

This is also a system that is built to last – with an expected asset life of over 20 years for the primary production systems and a detailed plan for routine maintenance and parts replacement.

Leading Edge

All systems and processes require limited human interaction reducing OPEX and limiting risk of contamination and spores in the growing environment
Effective Space Utilisation
The system moves along both X and Y axis, providing a 172% increase in output per m3 when compared with wider industry benchmarks
Software Integration
Our hardware is integrated with Diana, enabling environmental control, optimisation driven by algorithms, R&D integration, and people and processes management
Dual Irrigation System
Our systems include both aeroponic and hydroponic methods for water and nutrient delivery which can be alternated according to need
Advanced and adaptable Lighting
Designed by VF, our lights operate across 5 lightning types with intensity also changeable. They reduce energy consumption up to 60% and heat production
Flexible Growing
Our systems have tested a broad range of crop varieties including microgreens, baby leaves, whole heads, herbs, edible flowers, soft fruits, medicinal and forage crops

Powered by Diana

Diana is our software as a service solution which provides farm operators with the ability to oversee, monitor, and control their Vertical Future farms. The platform combines business, operational, automation, engineering, and data management processes in a centralised location to allow cloud-based control of farm, automation through product parameters, real-time oversight of the farm for both maintenance and production, sensor integration for efficient and effective climate regulation and implementation of correct parameters at a product level.


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