Each project begins with a conversation to understand what you want to achieve as a business. Our Vertical Farming Consultants can support with ‘pre-project’ work such as feasibility studies, market assessments, competitor, and pricing analyses.

Having built, operated, and scaled an active vertical farming business in London through our consumer-brand, Minicrops, we have practical experience of how to grow, market, and sell produce.

Many of our 40 (pushing to 80) strong team of staff – across various disciplines – contribute to this work, led by an appointed Project Manager, who will regularly engage with your team.

Having this kind of knowledge from day one is critical in terms of building a successful vertical farming business.

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When it comes to assessing the feasibility of a proposed vertical farming business, we have the expertise you need to make successful business decisions.

We leverage our proprietary data and information flow to provide premier market insights. Additionally, we have a unique capacity to benchmark projects relative to one another, providing a more detailed view of the market

This combination of experience, resources and skills is used to consider whether our clients’ new business ventures have a likelihood of being feasible.

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Our Feasibility Study Covers:

Competitor & Pricing Analysis

Understanding the customer status quo and where you should subsequently price.

Site Selection

A bad site will generally mean a bad business. Vertical farms need to be conveniently located and mindful of their supply chains.

Design & Engineering

Whilst our systems are modular, we adopt a meticulous approach to design and engineering for every project.

Economic Analysis

Several of our team members are economists and apply their skills to better understand and evaluate the impact of your project from an impact perspective.

Operations Strategy

Owning a highly-sophisticated farm is irrelevant if it is not operated properly, with the right staff.

Financial Analysis

Financial analysis underpins the viability of every project. Each project begins and ends with this.

Impact & Sustainability Analysis

As ESG-related goals become more important and relevant, our work places a greater emphasis on them, considering them alongside more traditional metrics for success.

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