Curious about our fully automated growing process?

While many vertical farming companies use ladders and scissor lifts, sending staff into growing environments, we opt for robots. Our XYZ robots aren't scared of heights, are constantly at work, and form a perfect partnership with our in-house #DIANA #software to efficiently move trays around the farms we build.

The Vertical Future approach began with our #Engineering team #redesigning every aspect of the vertical farming process from scratch, from materials selection through to #optimising tray design and the addition of #barcodes to every tray. This #granular approach allows us to monitor and control every tray – from #automated #seeding through to #harvest – as well as playing with space. If a tray doesn’t need light, it can be stored elsewhere.

Need to optimise space? No problem. Our approach removes the need for aisles. Need to diagnose a tray or remove it from the system? No problem. Our robots can do this quickly and efficiently, moving a large volume of crops with minimal energy usage.

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