Daycares in Finland Built a ‘Forest’, And It Changed Kids’ Immune Systems

Playing through the greenery and litter of a mini forest's undergrowth for just one month may be enough to change a child's immune system, according to an experiment in Finland.

We naturally talk a lot about vertical farming on this page which perhaps paints an obscure view of what we believe the future food system will look like, and it moves way beyond vertical farming solutions. Beyond solutions to production, we also think a lot about tree, forest, and rainforest conservation, soil health, and chemical use in conventional farming methods.

The Scandinavian countries, in particular, are renowned for their beautiful landscapes and for their citizens’ connection with nature. This story, which we have linked below, is a perfect example of how attention to and interaction with nature improved the immune systems of children in one daycare school in Finland, which isn’t part of Scandinavia but has some beautiful landscapes too!

We should all do more at home, at school, and wherever we go to look after nature and to create every connection we can.

Read the article on Science Alerts here.

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