Excellent two days so far in Dortmund Germany and the Netherlands!

The first day was a great warm up day spent on a Field Trip visiting a vertical farm in the Netherlands, which is of course not only one of the largest agricultural exporters in the world, but also a pioneer in innovations that, like us here at Vertical Future, focuses on reduced water consumption and carbon and methane emissions.

Since yesterday we have been exhibiting at our booth at VertiFarm, where Grant Macdonald our Business Development Manager, and Carlos Flores Ortiz, PhD one of our Senior Plant Scientists have been having lots of fun forging new relationships. Big thanks to Vertical Farm Daily for interviewing us too!

Two more days at VertiFarm to go and so many more connections to be made!

If you would like to meet up with the team while they are out there, feel free to email info@verticalfuture.co.uk.

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