Fantastic start today at the Indoor AgTech Innovation Summit!

We are thrilled to be attending this important event across the pond, where there are many key connections to be made and AgTech topics to be explored.

Topics include:

– As the CEA sector matures, what is needed from a political, financial and technological standpoint for indoor growing to be seen as the most reliable and sustainable way of feeding our cities? 

– How are well-funded growers applying their investment to scale up their operations? 📈

– What are the next frontier crops beyond leafy greens? 🥬

– What new technologies are available to optimize growing environments and drive operational efficiencies? 🖥️

If you’d like to hear more about what we offer and link up with Gustav Holst Stuge and Jack Williams-Ellis from our commercial team while they are out there, feel free to email and they’ll be delighted to start the conversation! 
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