Global crop production is in trouble. But why?

Pesticides used today are 10,000 times more harmful than those banned in the 1970's; we're growing further and further away from where we consume our food; climate change is negatively influencing crop yields; and waste as a result of lengthy supply chains is a growing issue.

Vertical farming is no silver bullet and will always have its limitations, but can be a major source of innovation, in various geographical regions, cities, and ecosystems.

At Vertical Future, we’re continually challenging the art of the possible; developing hardware and software solutions to improve efficiency and productivity, whilst lowering CAPEX, and conducting novel research and development activities to produce and enrich crop production data.

Our team of more than 50 engineers, plant scientists, software engineers, operators, and commercial staff are all aligned with future vision, where global crop production is no longer at threat, humans are healthier, and there is a better balance between population growth and the natural world.

So, what does a Vertical Future look like? Get in touch with our team at to learn more.

Our future is looking up!

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