How Space Agtech Shapes Farming on Earth’

"The effects of climate change are impossible to ignore, particularly as record-breaking temperatures, tides and weather events wreak havoc across the globe. Worldwide, 12 million hectares of land valuable to agriculture are lost every year, and global agriculture production will need to increase by 70% to meet the demand of an expanding population. It’s no surprise that we are seeing steady growth, investment and, most importantly, innovation in the agtech market, including the space industry." World Economic Forum

5th January 2023 – Vertical Future is thrilled to be part of the Space agtech movement, having recently announced that we are working on tackling some of the industry challenges in outer space (and on earth) – via a collaboration led by the University of Adelaide with the Australian Research Council (ARC) Centre for Excellence in Plants for Space (P4S) Research Centre.

“The value that space innovation has already created here on Earth is immeasurable. NASA says its return on investment on the US economy is more than three times its annual budget. From cellular data and hurricane predictions to robotics and health science, many aspects of our lives are made significantly easier, more efficient or more enjoyable thanks to the breakthroughs and utilization made in space.” World Economic Forum

Read the full article on World Economic Forum here and to learn more about Plants for Space, visit the University of Adelaide website.

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