Important University of Oxford-led study shows the environmental impact of 57,000 multi-ingredient processed foods.

The study provides a first step towards enabling consumers, retailers, and policymakers to make informed decisions on the environmental impacts of food and drink products.

There is clearly increasing demand for #transparency, with another study by the @foodgov showing that over half of consumers in the UK would like to make more sustainable decisions with the food they consume.

The paper compares “the environmental impacts of meat and meat alternative products such as plant-based sausages or burgers, and finds that many meat alternatives had a fifth to less than a tenth of the environmental impact of meat-based equivalents.” 🥩🌱

“An important aspect of the study was linking the environmental impacts of composite foods with the nutritional quality, showing some of the synergies and trade-offs between different parameters. Using this new method manufacturers can reduce the environmental impact, while ensuring a high nutritional quality of products.”

Keep up the good work 👏

Read the article here:

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