‘It’s time to invest in climate adaptation’ – Harvard Business Review

Climate adaptation initiatives are described here as "those that help people, animals, and plants to survive despite rising climate volatility rather than trying to reverse it."

And yes, that’s right, that includes Vertical Farming!

This article argues that these initiatives deserve “far greater business investment, especially because they represent near-term opportunities at lower capital expenditures that offer faster paybacks. Indeed, according to this Bloomberg LP report, Bank of America analysts estimate that the climate adaptation market could be worth $2 trillion a year within the next five years.”

“Addressing climate change requires both mitigation and adaptation, and we believe the latter represents an even better business opportunity. As we learned from Charles Darwin, those who adapt are the most likely to survive and thrive. Small investments result in significant preparation for an unpredictable future.”

For the full article, follow this link: https://hbr.org/2022/08/its-time-to-invest-in-climate-adaptation 

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