Jamie Burrows, CEO & Founder, Vertical Farming and Global Food Systems’ The Oxford Talk is released

A few months ago our Founder & CEO, Jamie Burrows, was invited to be part of the "Brave New World" project by Oxford Talks who are travelling across 35 countries and 50 cities looking for "ideas worth doing". It was a fascinating experience and best of all, he got to film it at the prestigious The Oxford Union Society HQ.

His talk focuses on our global food system and how it has developed over time, the agricultural revolution(s), vertical farming, and Vertical Future’s approach to the sector.

“…our planet has been incrementally reprogrammed mostly over the past few centuries… this has partly been due to the location of arable land but more so due to the unchecked demands of developed and wealthy countries for an ever-expanding diet, at both the benefit and the expense of low income (exporting) countries…”

The talk is auctioned as an NFT and all proceeds go to Cancer Research UK (CRUK) – a charity very close to his heart.

To check out the full video click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xj3ivtpunE 

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