Jamie Burrows Speaks to Climate Action in Dubai

Last month our Founder & CEO Jamie Burrows was interviewed by Climate Action at the Agri-Food Systems Summit in Dubai ahead of COP28 UAE.

In the interview, Jamie discussed how COP28 UAE was a critical moment for those attending to take the opportunity to ensure real change and also the role that agri-food systems play in all of it.

Jamie spoke about:

– How best we can develop resilient, sustainable agri-food systems which prioritise climate, nature, and people – highlighting how controlled agriculture environment is one of the solutions that should be looked at.
– Though there were many positive decisions at COP28 UAE, a lot more needs to be done and we all must ensure that those decisions are acted on.
– Food and water (and other key topics) are some of the topics that should be at the forefront of people’s minds.

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