Leaders from across the globe gather in Davos from 22nd-26th May, at this years’ World Economic Forum

This week marks one of the most important weeks in the calendar, as leaders from across the globe gather at the World Economic Forum's annual meeting in Davos, (22nd-26th May) to discuss challenges of #climate action, #energy transition, #food affordability, #healthcare access and jobs.

Some of the main points they will be addressing will be how to deal with the immediate issues of food #security, while pushing forward to realize the common vision of clean air and #water, rich soils and #biodiversity, a cool earth and supporting thriving, cohesive and inclusive communities.

“This is an important moment in history – an open invitation for all of us to expand our realms of knowledge and creativity, and for human enterprise and exchange to respond swiftly and effectively. The Forum welcomes and is ready to support bold ideas and initiatives, action-oriented alliances and partnerships, to foster trust and build bridges to contribute to a better world”🌏🙌

See the article here: ‘Why working together is key to combating climate change | World Economic Forum (weforum.org)’

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