Our Chief Project Officer, Darren James, and our Founder & CEO Jamie Burrows have been on a multi-stop tour of the ASEAN region!

Jamie and Darren have been checking in on some of our Vertical Future build projects, collaborations, and future projects too of course.

The first stop was Adelaide (as pictured here), where they visited the University of Adelaide‘s inspiring Waite Institute. Jamie and Darren had the pleasure of meeting and being shown around by the excellent Professor Matthew Tucker and Matthew Morgan, who showed them the fantastic work they are doing thanks to the “Plants for Space” grant, a grant that our R&D team bid for under the direction of our talented Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Jennifer Bromley. In a nutshell, Plants for Space’s (P4S) mission is to re-imagine plant design and bioresource production, through the lens of Space, to enable off-Earth habitation and provide transformative solutions for improving on-Earth sustainability.

Jamie and Darren are now currently in Singapore, and, next on the schedule, Tianjin in China!

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