Products that align with a fast-growing sector

Advanced Growing Systems

Vertical Future's production system is hailed as one of the most advanced Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) systems in the world and is currently housed at our R&D facility in London. The system adopts a combinational approach, offering sophisticated, adaptable lighting, nutrient delivery, effective space utilisation, automation, and control over all key growth parameters. This allows for optimal growing conditions, irrespective of crop type.

Container Labs

The Vertical Future Container Lab is perfect for those new to vertical farming, who want to test the water first prior to committing to a larger bespoke build. Container labs can be positioned in high footfall locations and used to create a buzz around your project. The Container Lab can also be used for research and development, providing growing space for businesses, research, or academic organisations.

Diana Software-as-a-Service

Meet DIANA, our in-house developed software platform. DIANA is integrated with our hardware system, providing control, monitoring, and optimisation. It is available through licensing, typically via a one-year agreement. Customers that use DIANA benefit from both Vertical Future’s retrospective data sets and continuous data insights, which are generated from across the Vertical Future network. This is the future of farming.

Advanced LED Lighting

Designed by a team of engineers and plant scientists, our arrays cover the visible spectrum as well as UV and Far Red, with each wavelength band being individually controllable. The lighting system can adapt to the requirements of the crop, allowing tailored, efficient conversion of light energy to plant biomass.



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