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Turnkey Projects

No build project is the same. Our proprietary vertical farming systems are custom designed to fit your unique requirements and specification. We have set up our business and designed our technologies to be able to build and operate in every corner of the world. Our supply chain is streamlined to ensure that your project, irrespective of location, will benefit from the best pricing and service. To achieve this, we work with regional manufacturing and supply chain partners in key strategic regions. If we don’t have a pre-existing relationship in your region, we will actively seek to develop one.

Contract research

Contract research can vary from a short-term research project to test the viability of a particular crop under different growing conditions, through to controlled plant production for use in clinical trials. Our growing network, team, technology, and expertise collectively allow us to offer outsourced contract growing to support these activities. We also have an increasing number of research projects, some of which are funded by Innovate UK, which broaden our research expertise.


Each project begins with a conversation to understand what you want to achieve as a business. However, if you are at an early stage of thinking, our team can support with ‘pre-project’ work such as feasibility studies, market assessments, competitor, and pricing analyses. ‍

Having built, operated, and scaled an active vertical farming business in London through our consumer-brand, Minicrops, we have practical experience of how to grow, market, and sell produce. Many of our 30 strong team of staff – across various disciplines – contribute to this work, led by an appointed Project Manager, who will regularly engage with your team. Having this kind of knowledge from day one critical in terms of building a successful vertical farming business.

Grow with us

Our consumer brand, MiniCrops is currently used in over 100 restaurants across Central London and in thousands of households. Provided on-demand, daily, and pesticide-free, the quality and freshness of our produce, together with the speed and ethics of our service, makes our business model hard to match. Below are just a few of the restaurants and food brands that use us on a regular basis.


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