Diana SaaS

Smart Farming with Diana

Diana is a fully integrated, advanced SaaS solution, utilising proprietary data for collective network learning, for the year-round operation, control, monitoring, and optimisation of plant factory behaviour, across multiple sites and geographies. It runs on a subscription-based model with an applicable annual software licensing fee. It can be accessed from any location with internet access, allowing for remote and centralised management across multiple regions.

Creating Value through Diana's capabilities


Team and workforce management functions for a high level of control and oversight


Cloud based management of farm locations and multi-farm networks

Farm Integration and Automation

Direct access to farm location, cloud-based control of the farm and real time oversight, among others

Plants & Products

Reference data and internal research are combined to build libraries with respective optimised product parameters for a fully tailored product

Data Integration

Access to comprehensive historical datasets from Vertical Future’s central data sets

Optimisation and algorithms

Leveraging Big Data from the VF network, optimised product parameters are provided for implementation

Building a Global, Interconnected Data Network

All Vertical Future farms are connected to Diana, contributing, through the thousands of telemetry points located across the facility, to a common, anonymised, internal global data network of product growing parameters.

Leveraging Big Data from the VF network, optimised data are constantly provided for implementation at any farm, irrespective of location.

Constant access to Diana's plant and product libraries also means that all VF farms have the flexibility to quickly and effectively alter and improve production methods, through access, insights, scientific profiles, and product parameters.


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