Superb start to Day 2 at the Global Vertical Farming Show in Dubai!

Our Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Jennifer Bromley was thrilled to present a topic we are passionate about, entitled ‘Growing the sector & improving returns for CEA: the role of innovative plant science and diverse use cases’.

Our Founder & CEO Jamie Burrows also had the opportunity to present ‘Success & Profitability: the importance of a fully integrated systems developer’ yesterday, as well as talking on the excellent panel entitled ‘Vertical Farming and Food Security – Leveraging Technology for Sustainability’ alongside Ahmed Ghazi Al Shaibani, Project Head at Food Tech Valley, Arsenije Grgur, Founder & CEO of GreenState AG and Alvis Ma, CEO of Foshan GrowSpec Eco-Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd.

Our team will be at booth 100 for the rest of this afternoon – come and start a conversation!

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