Technology company Vertical Future in partnership for Middle East rollout of vertical farming system

Technology company Vertical Future has partnered with GreenBridge to accelerate the deployment of ve...

Technology company Vertical Future has partnered with GreenBridge to accelerate the deployment of vertical farms in the Middle East.

Based in London, Vertical Future specialises in controlled-environment agriculture and claims that its vertical farming technology offers a number of advantages over other systems.

According to Vertical Future, its system allows growers to deliver nutrients via aeroponic or hydroponic means, and produces approximately 172% more per cubic metre, when compared with other leading providers’ vertical farming technology.

The company has announced plans to deploy its vertical farming system across the Middle East, following “ongoing and advanced-stage discussions” with parties interested in using its systems.   

The partnership with GreenBridge is expected to play a key role in the rollout, with the agriculture company supporting Vertical Future with local relationships, sourcing, logistics and linguistics.

Once vertical farms are in operation, GreenBridge – which has reportedly been active in the Middle East region for the past 30 years – will offer ongoing services including the supply of seed, maintenance services and on-site support.

Our advanced hardware and software solutions can be found on several continents and we are constantly looking for new projects, challenges, and research opportunities. To deliver on this, we have a highly experienced team – divided across engineering, plant science, and software engineering.

The Vertical Future story also began with operations, with the building of a small vertical farm in Southeast London in 2016 and the formation of Minicrops, which today provides fresh produce to over 100 restaurants and thousands of homes. From these experiences, we’re positioned to be able to not only build new high-tech farms across the globe – but to operate them too.

Finally, research is a growing area for our business. We have funded and non-funded research projects and collaborations – from seed treatment and breeding through to genetics and phytopharmaceuticals.

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