Technology Nation named Vertical Future as one of 16 UK companies creating a sustainable future

Technology company Vertical Future: The UK is on a mission to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, after becoming th...

Technology company Vertical Future: The UK is on a mission to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, after becoming the world’s first major economy to legislate to do so in 2019. 

The tech sector has a vital role to play in tackling the climate crisis. In doing our part, we launched the Net Zero growth programme for ambitious digital tech, hardware and biotech companies who are paving the way to establishing global temperatures and reaching the UK’s net-zero target. 

If you are a company operating across sectors including electricity & energy; transport and mobility; agriculture; food systems; manufacturing or building technology; check out our programme criteria and submit an application.

Companies helping to create a more sustainable future can be exciting too. And to prove it, we’ve highlighted the ones below, which are doing everything from using human energy to re-charge gym equipment to helping consumers monitor and reduce their carbon footprint.

You’ve heard of ‘sweat equity’ – but not this kind. Birmingham-based Energym is on a mission to help gyms reduce their energy costs and become self-sustainable to achieve zero carbon status. How? By retrofitting existing (or providing new) equipment fitted with its patented battery and charging tech, which allows the energy generated by humans to be re-used. One spin class of 30 people, for example, could power a home for 24 hours. The company is complementing its innovative tech with a smartphone app called Gymcoin that monitors gym-goers’ individual fitness levels and provides accurate workout data, rewarding members for clean energy generation in the process. 

Oxwash has developed a clever kind of low-impact ‘space-age’ tech (their words, not ours) that washes your clothes with net-zero carbon emissions. The company sends out a fleet of cargo bikes and dedicated riders, Deliveroo-style, to collect items from a business or residential property before washing and returning them. The company uses Ozone, a high-tech technology used to sterilise surgical equipment in hospitals that makes it efficient at eliminating the Covid-19 virus. Based in Oxford having expanded to Cambridge, the laundry wizards are set to launch in London this year. 

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