This morning we are reflecting on this interesting World Economic Forum article as, coincidentally, our CEO & Founder Jamie Burrows makes his way to Geneva, Switzerland, to attend the World Economic Forum’s Global Innovators conference this week.

Jamie will be meeting like-minded individuals at the forefront of disruptive businesses that are creating (often technology-based) solutions for a more sustainable future.

“Today, the use of digital tools and technology in agriculture, enabled by satellite imagery, the internet of things (IoT), data science, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning and the cloud, can provide real-time information on food production, distribution and consumption. The smart agriculture revolution has already begun.”

“Real-time visibility and transparency across the global agri-food value chain are imperative, which can only be enabled by accelerating digital transformation. This transformation has to involve every stakeholder – growers, agribusinesses and governments – allowing them to make informed decisions to maximize per-acre value, grow nutritious food sustainably and enable sustainable farming communities.” World Economic Forum

Read the full article here.

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