Vertical Future announces its first M&A within the CEA sector, with Crate to Plate

Today we announce our first piece of M&A activity within the sector. Rarely do we back our customers and partners in the controlled-environment-sector, but Crate to Plate's capital raise on Crowdcube was timely considering our work together.

Crate to Plate are an ultra-urban vertical farming company, using primarily containers to deliver fresh, tasty, nutritious produce to a range of customers across London (and increasingly other cities).

They started their journey using technology from a globally-recognised container supplier from the U.S. before seeing the benefit in working with our team and technology. After switching, we have deployed 5 container farms in London alone, which will precede several more containers and importantly, larger “growing hubs” (non-container-based) which will support these containers. This hub and spoke model is ideal for cities like London.

As of last week, we took a minority position in Crate to Plate, exemplifying our level of support in their team and business model. The investment is SEIS and EIS qualifying and if you’d like to invest personally or as a company, please visit their fundraising page at Crowdcube using the link below:

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