Vertical Future attends the inaugural Responsible Food Forum held at Waddesdon Manor

We were humbled to be invited to join the Rothschild & Co Group's inaugural "Responsible Food Forum" held at Waddesdon – A Rothschild House & Gardens, UK, on Thursday, joining as one of the ambassadors of the Vertical Farming sector.

Special thanks to Lord Rothschild and Hannah Rothschild, from Rothschild Foundation, Co-Chairs Ertharin Cousin and Dave Lewis, and James Harding Co-Founder of Tortoise Media, for putting on such a resoundingly successful event.

Our CCO Gustav Holst Stuge was one of almost 100 attendees of the forum designed to be the space where key food-related topics could be discussed in a thoughtful, pragmatic way, involving representatives from different players across the food ecosystem. This included leading climate scientists and agritech entrepreneurs, chefs, retailers and investors.

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