Vertical Future develops R&D room for strawberries at manufacturing site in Bishops Stortford

Zak Shaikh, one of our skilled engineers, has been busy at work at our manufacturing site in Bishops Stortford developing an R&D room for strawberries on site, working with Katia Zacharaki, our in-house expert on berries.

Growing strawberries in a vertical farm is a challenge for many reasons, including: 

– Strawberries have physiological idiosyncrasies
– They are more susceptible to pests and diseases 🐛
– They require a cooler environment ❄️
– They need a higher light intensity 

We are confident that vertical strawberry farming will become an everyday part of the worldwide strawberry industry in the future. And why?

– The land which would otherwise be farmed can focus on tree planting and rewilding, which will in turn preserve and encourage biodiversity 🐛🌱
– It will reduce the need to import strawberries, thus having fresher produce and cutting down on emissions caused by transportation 🚚
– It ensures a significant reduction in water wastage💦

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