Vertical Future proudly exhibited at Dubai’s Food for Future Summit & Expo this year

We were proud to be exhibiting at the Food For Future Summit at the Dubai Exhibition Centre last month, as part of #expo2020dubai. The summit was the first-of-its-kind, global gathering of food security innovators.

We were there with a view to forging commercial partnerships with like-minded innovators across the Middle East, and beyond, who stand to benefit from our groundbreaking vertical farming hardware and software technologies, over 90% of which has been developed in-house.

The UAE imports more than 80 percent of its food, which presents many challenges. During the Summit, we opened up discussions on how Vertical farming can and will continue to solve some of the UAE’s food security issues. Discussions took place place at the world-first “Food for Future” Summit in Dubai, where 60+ world leaders and influential minds met with sector innovators and food revolutionaries to tackle this issue head on.

The UAE ranks fourth in the world in food affordability, but 50th in availability, which is why a large amount of the food security is reliant on the importation of food produce. The harsh desert climate and scarce freshwater resources, have also been considered major challenges to the production of food.

We’re thrilled to finally be actively marketing our solutions on the global stage, putting food security at the forefront of the agenda in the UAE, and laying the groundwork for some of the most remarkable innovations and transformations in this sector to date.

Attendance from the Vertical Future team included Gustav Holst Stuge (Chief Commercial Officer), María Pía Alais (Chief of Staff).

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