Vertical Future to Exhibit at InFlavour Expo in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia In October!

We are exhibiting alongside some of the biggest names in the food industry this week and next at InFlavour Expo in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, from 29th-31st October.

Come to our dedicated booth, where Business Development Manager Grant Macdonald and Business Development Associate Svetlana Frantuz will be there to start the conversation on how our products and services can tackle some of the region’s (and beyond!) food concerns.

From new tech to influencing global food security, the food industry is facing unprecedented challenges in production, distribution and sustainability. How do we solve those problems? Together, InFlavour will prove that the most unexpected breakthroughs and partnerships can only happen when diverse industry players all take their seat at the table to share experiences, solutions, and a passion for food!

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