Advanced Growing Systems

Our vertical farm systems include sophisticated and adaptable lighting, nutrient delivery (aeroponic & hydroponic), effective space utilisation and end to end automation (with in-house robotics), eliminating resource intensive production bottlenecks.

Game Changing Systems

An effective growing system should be at the heart of any vertical farm and, depending on solution chosen, we also provide in-house developed ancillary equipment, such as automated seeding, hyper-spectral imaging, tray movement, and harvesting as part of the overall system. This is all integrated with and controlled by DIANA.

VF’s radical approach is what is required to challenge the unit economics of vertical farming and unlock the sector’s potential. And our approach is not conceptual – it’s proven robust, and commercially viable.

Whether our systems are deployed in containers or in larger design and build projects, responsibility for the design, build, commissioning, hand over, and monitoring of the system is our responsibility – providing a full end-to-end service.

This is also a long game. Our systems are built to last for over 20 years (and much more for some components), supported by warranties, and long-term plans for planned and reactive maintenance.

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Leading Edge Technology

End to End Automation

All systems and processes require limited human interaction reducing OPEX and limiting risk of contamination and spores in the growing environment

Duel Irrigation System

Our systems include both aeroponic and hydroponic methods for water and nutrient delivery which can be alternated according to need

Effective Space Utilisation

The system moves along both X and Y axis, providing a 172% increase in output per m3 when compared to other available options

Advanced and Adaptable Lighting

Designed by VF, our lights operate across 5 lighting spectra with intensity also changeable. They reduce energy consumption up to 60% and heat production

Software Integrations

Our hardware is integrated to DIANA enabling environmental control, optimisation driven by algorithms, R&D integration, and people and processes management

Flexible Growing

Our systems have tested on over 200 crop varieties including microgreens, baby leaves, whole heads, herbs, edible flowers, soft fruits, medicinal and forage crops

DIANA Software as a Service

Customers that use DIANA benefit from both Vertical Future’s retrospective data sets and continuous data insights, which are generated from across the Vertical Future network.

Smart Farming with DIANA

Diana is an advanced Software as a Service (SaaS) product that enables operators of our farms to control, monitor, and optimise growing conditions. The platform works hand in hand with thousands of sensors to provide a high degree of control and efficiency across the entirety of the growing environment and wider farm operations. Users also benefit from a continuous flow of data, shares across Vertical Future’s growing network. The more partners the greater the data and insights.

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DIANA's Capabilities


Team and workforce management functions for a high level of control and oversight.


Cloud based management of farm locations and multi-farm networks.

Farm Integration & Automation

Direct access to farm location, cloud-based control of the farm and real time oversight, among others.

Plants & Products

Reference data and internal research are combined to build libraries with respective optimised product parameters for a fully tailored product.

Data Integration

Access to comprehensive historical datasets from Vertical Future’s central data sets.

Optimisation & Algorithms

Leveraging Big Data from the VF network, optimised product parameters are provided for implementation.

Building a Global, Interconnected Data Network

All Vertical Future farms are connected to DIANA, contributing, through the thousands of telemetry points located across the facility, to a common, anonymised, internal global data network of product growing parameters. Leveraging Big Data from the VF network, optimised data are constantly provided for implementation at any farm, irrespective of location.

Constant access to DIANA’s plant and product libraries also means that all VF farms have the flexibility to quickly and effectively alter and improve production methods, through access, insights, scientific profiles, and product parameters.

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