VF hosts DEFRA, Agricultural Counsellors and the Food Standards Agency

Huge thanks to all the delegates for their avid interest in finding out how we are making a change to our global food systems and also to Dr. Annette Kliemann for organising the day!

Last week we had the absolute pleasure of hosting the most wonderful group of visitors at one of our sites, which included visitors from the departmentforenvironment (DEFRA), the Food Standards Agency, as well as agricultural counsellors representing the EU as a whole, countries from the EU and other countries from all over the world including Australia, Austria, Canada, Italy, Ireland, France, Hungary, New Zealand, Switzerland and the USA.

It was a fantastic day with some thought-provoking conversations, where we had the chance to show experts in their field some of the work we have been doing on the ground and also to talk about the R&D projects we are leading and involved in, and more!

If you are interested in collaborating with us, don’t hesitate to email us at info@verticalfuture.co.uk and we will be thrilled to start the conversation.

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